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Reading Writing Lab

The Reading Writing Lab (RWL) provides significant assistance to the scholar and faculty mentors.

  • RWL will provide weekly 1:1 tutors to the scholar.
  • RWL will provide the same tutor to the scholar weekly; this will reduce conflicting recommendations regarding the structure and content of the manuscript.
  • RWL will provide the editor with scholar timesheets with the tutor.
  • Editor will communicate with the tutor on progress and areas that editor and/or the library may help the scholar.


Pacific Islands research librarian, Zoia Falevai, provides significant assistance to the scholar and faculty mentor.

  • Scholars will share their work with the librarian developing synopsis, research, and literature review.
  • Librarian will assist scholars with database research and guidance on general and specific research.
  • Zoia Falevai’s “Just Write” monthly workshops held on the first and third Wednesday will also help scholars to synthesize sources and help with references.