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Intersections: Journal of Asia Pacific Undergraduate Research

Inaugural print published spring 2023.

Submissions for the 2025 issue are now open.

Submissions for the next issue are open until October 31, 2024.

"Intersections: Journal of Asia Pacific Undergraduate Research" is an interdisciplinary journal that was established for students and alumni with a research focus on Oceania and Asia Rim. Accepting any research method or approach of Oceania or Asia Rim. The purpose of the journal is to provide students support in the publication process. The outcome is for students to feel confident to publish their rigorous scholarship through positive and cooperative mentorship. Intersections will be published annually in early spring.

Intersections has an editor, assistant editor, and editorial committee with official partnerships with the Reading Writing Lab, Joseph F. Smith Library, and the Undergraduate Research Conference.


Reading Writing Lab

The Reading Writing Lab (RWL) provides significant assistance to the scholar and faculty mentors.

  • RWL will provide weekly 1:1 tutors to the scholar.
  • RWL will provide the same tutor to the scholar weekly; this will reduce conflicting recommendations regarding the structure and content of the manuscript.
  • RWL will provide the editor with scholar timesheets with the tutor.
  • Editor will communicate with the tutor on progress and areas that editor and/or the library may help the scholar.


Pacific Islands research librarian, Zoia Falevai, provides significant assistance to the scholar and faculty mentor.

  • Scholars will share their work with the librarian developing synopsis, research, and literature review.
  • Librarian will assist scholars with database research and guidance on general and specific research.
  • Zoia Falevai’s “Just Write” monthly workshops held on the first and third Wednesday will also help scholars to synthesize sources and help with references.

Undergraduate Research Conference

Intersections partners with the URC to strongly encourage scholars who have presented their high-level research to publish their work. Intersections offers a network of support and resources to those interested in transforming their URC research into publication.
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