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The journey of "Intersections: Journal of Asia Pacific Undergraduate Research" officially began in the fall of 2022. Arising to fulfill the needs of student and alumni scholarship, Intersections journal was created to first and foremost support students in deepening their academic erudition and experience. Our vision enhances that of Brigham Young University–Hawaii in building student scholarship in the Asia Pacific region and cultivating a positive experience in the publication process.

Through the created opportunity for BYUH students and alumni to publish their original work in a peer-reviewed journal, Intersections generates access for advancing scholars to amplify their academic careers. Scholars can strengthen their skills for futures in further education and vocational fields by accessing an extensive network of provided support throughout the publication process.

The title, "Intersections," intentionally highlights the interdisciplinary nature of Brigham Young University–Hawaii and its original mission and vision pertaining to students of Oceania and the Asian Rim. We encourage students to incorporate their research, knowledge, and experiences spanning different spaces within their original scholarly work.

What We Publish

Intersections Journal publishes intersectional scholarly research papers with a focus on the Asian and/or Pacific regions. A minimum of eight pages is required, with no maximum limit.

We do not publish creative writing pieces, nonfiction, posters, poetry, or any non-scholarly/research-based work.

For more information on publication requirements, please see our submission guidelines.

Intersections Inaugural Journal Launch

On May 25, 2023, the first issue of "Intersections: Journal of Asia Pacific Undergraduate Research" was officially launched featuring six scholars: Ainsley Aiono, Jacob Fawson, Alyx Jensen, Kemana Ka'anapu, Leneah Olsingch, and Heimuli Paletu'a.


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