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Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian & Pacific Studies

Volume 40

Volume 40 Numbers 1/2- April/August 2017

Special Issue




Tā-Vā(Time-Space): The Birth of an Indigenous Moana Theory

Tevita O. Ka'ili (Maui-Tava-He-Ako), 'Okusitino Mahina

(Hufanga), and Ping-Ann Addo (Kula He-Fonua)

Geographies of Textile Authenticity: Marking Tongan Temporal

and Social Relationships in Diasporic Cultural Production

Ping-Ann Addo

Circles of Self: Ta-Va Expressed in Traditional Samoan Dance, Culture, and Self

Dianna M. Georgina

Tavani: Intertwining Ta and Va in Tongan Reality and Philology

Tevita O. Ka'ili

Ta-Va Kainga, Time-Space Relationships Theory of Reality and Tongan Students

Journey to Academic Achievement in New Zealand Tertiary Education

Telesia Kalavite

Time, Space, and Culture: A New Ta-Va Theory of Moana Anthropology

'Okusitino Mahina (Hufanga)

Takohi: Drawing in Tongan Thinking and Practice

'Okusitino Mahina (Hufanga)

Tatau: Symmetry as Conflict Mediation of Line-Space Intersection

Semisi F. Potauaine

Reading Realities Through Ta-Va

Nuhisifa Seve-William

Samoan Cultural Perceptions of Ta-Va

Unasa L. F. Va'a

Samoan Ta-Va(Time-Space) Concepts and Practices in Language,

Society, and Architecture

Fepulea'i Micah Van Der Ryn

Tatau: Symmetry, Harmony, and Beauty in the Art of Semisi Fetokai Potauaine

Kolokesa Uafa Mahinaa-Tuai

How the Ta-Va Theory of Reality Constructs a Spatial Exposition of Samoan


Albert L. Refiti

Concepts of Ta-Va (Time-Space) in the Art Practice of Samoan-Aotearoa

Artist Shigeyuki Kihara

Pamela Rosi